(Channel) Sales is hard.

Let´s make it easier.

Grow and manage your business autonomous with }TARGO, the enterprise sales Hyper-Automation platform!

Boost your existing CRM system and enhance it with LinkedIn Data, Client Data, AI & RPA to make sales execution a pleasure. }TARGO overtakes the execution of the core sales & marketing processes, makes your sales-teams more productive to focus them on revenue generating activities. }TARGO runs autonomous Pipeline-Reviews to bring value in Opportunity discussions.  Creating, managing and execution of campaigns is easy like never been before, you get real-time insights about status, see how your team collaborates with your clients and predicts the future. }TARGO is fully integrated in Microsoft Teams, the place where work happens and writes all information into the CRM system, where they belong. }TARGO will change the way you manage your business, Just have a look how everything works!
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The modules of }TARGO

Content wise:

  • Data Integration & Analytics platform
  • Collaboration Mining
  • Execution platform
  • Channel Integration without IT-Involvement


  • Azure Marketplace Integration & Collaboration Platform (Soon SaaS Service)
  • Native MS-Teams App, Bot, Messaging Extension, Task & Meeting integration
  • Native O365 App, Word, Excel, PowerPoint Add-In
  • Native PowerBI Reporting.
  • Native Integration of SalesForce.com Dynamics365, Hubspot and others.
Discover }Targo

Why }exghts?

People make the difference!

Our team is powered by highly educated, certified, and motivated individuals. The investment in our talents give our partners a competitive advantage.
Our director of products and services is one of the 3137 MVP’s globally and one of the 756 in the category “Developer Technologies”. He ensures products are built the right way, with the latest technology and zero touch implementation.

CEO of the year 2020!

Success is the result of hard work.
www.ceo-review.com selected Armand Sullot from more than 60.000 candidates as CEO of the year in the category  Best Cloud Services, Data and RPA!

Benefit from the global experience!

}exghts CEO, Armand Sullot worked 19 years at Microsoft Germany in several positions. He gained experience starting from sales, to consulting and then marketing. In the last 5 years he got to the top position of Transformation Lead and drove transformation across the organization, partner channel and customers. Bringing that knowledge into products motivates him every day to help customers succeed in a data-driven world!
At }exghts all is about //data, //RPA, and //AI! Documented experience driving several global insight-projects and building local data culture boosted }exghts fast.
“We are focused on values, insights, results and execution. We are in a data-driven world and //data is the DNA of exghts. We have a business mindset, process skills, the right tools and technology; and above all, we have the experts to ensure success. With our Workforce Intelligence toolset, we give you insights on your workforce behavior, identify causes from obstacles, and consult you how to solve them. Our automation platform executes autonomously the needed change to success. Furthermore, a detailed report proves the success of our performance. We make your business a profitable real-time business. Only what can be measured, can be managed!” – Armand Sullot, CEO
Our Mission is to meet the challenge continuous change.
We help people & enterprises gaining a competitive advantage in permanent changing environments. We do this by quantifying how work is done, helping to make decisions, acting, automating the operational part of strategies/initiatives using RPA, AI, and tracking results in real time.

We do this to enable people to focus more on development and sustainability.