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Build the right .thing

succeeding in a data-driven world

}exghts is about //data, digital added value, interaction of humans with technology and customer }experience.

“The }exghts team is staffed with carefully selected, highly educated, certified and motivated individuals. We massively invest in our talents to provide you a great «end to end» experience.”

Armand Sullot

what we do

Are you ready for the digital Tsunami?

The fifth industrial revolution is ahead of us. Along with everfaster global digitalization, the pressure on all businesses will soon reach an unexpected level.

We help our partners transform the challenge of the digitalization into a competitive advantage

Our clients & technology suppliers are partner! We bet on Microsoft & DocuSign as primary technology partner.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is ubiquitous in our consulted solutions, products & processes.


We put //data at the center of our partners business to gain insights – the foundation decisions.

“What can´t be measured, can´t be managed”

Together we define business goals, milestones and KPI´s of success.

We strongly believe in knowledge transfer to enable our partners to develop on demand inhouse over time.

We transform IT units to business enabler.

From a “no unit” to a “yes unit”.

Software and Productivity Solutions

}exghts builds solutions on the Microsoft cloud platforms to gain productivity and from the collected data get insights into your processes

why }exghts

We are focused on value and results. We have a business mindset, process skills, the right tools and technology; and above all, we have the experts to ensure success.
“A project with }exghts starts with a business case:“
Increasing productivity by smart processes and automation, calculated savings and/or business value – measured in numbers, visualized in dashboards.
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