We are focused on value and results! We have a business mindset, process skills, the right tools and technology; and above all, we have the experts to ensure success.

“The }exghts team is staffed with carefully selected, highly educated, certified and motivated individuals. We massively invest in our talents to provide you a great product experience.”

“The industry doesn´t respect history, it only respects innovation!”

Innovation – our approach is thinking out of the box, finding new ways to achieve competitive advantages for our clients.

Data-driven – We are in a data-driven world. Only what can be measured, can be managed! We bring the core assets of our clients to action.

Intelligence – The business architecture starts with intelligence. So does our work!

Team Members

RPA Solutions

Years in Business

Our Mission is to meet the challenge continuous change!

We help people & enterprises gaining a competitive advantage in permanent changing environments. We do this by quantifying how work is done, helping to make decisions, acting, automating the operational part of strategies/initiatives using RPA, AI, and tracking results in real time.

We do this to enable people to focus more on development and sustainability!

Meet some of “The Team”.

Armand Sullot

Founder & CEO

Armand is the founder of }exghts and has a great experience starting in technology, over Marketing, Sales and Business processes. Armand was 19 employee at Microsoft Germany, in his last 5 years he was responsible for the digital transformation as Transformation Lead!

Bogdan Bujdea

Director Software & Services

Bogdan leads our Development team. He has more than 12 years experience with the Microsoft Platform, is Microsoft MVP in Development Technologies and engage in several coding projects. Bogdan Bujdea – the volunteer Code for Romania from which the project “Results Vote” started | Code for Romania (code4.ro)


Andrada Hertioga

Software Developer

Andrada is our top talent, she started as student on the Power Platform and developed very fast. Now Andrada is a core member of the .net development team, she has a great career here at }exghts and it´s a pleasure to work with her. 

DATA, AI and RPA are the core of our DNA!

The Exghts experts develop products & services based on RPA & AI. Our Key-Product is Targo, a digital assistant for sales and marketing operations that gives you access to valuable insights about the customer and employee actions. Targo is a robot that connects the dots of your core systems (CRM, ERP etc.) and serves the insights and actions needed in Microsoft Teams, the platform where work happens.

Your Management will get insights about status, process execution, campaign execution &  enables zero touch execution of the most relevant processes.