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Company & Culture

Our location is in the heart of Romania, in Brasov, but our goal is to attract companies globally from any field of activity. We work with clients who really want to do amazing things. We want to build brands and grow the business of those clients with expectations as high as ours.

As a company, we bet on Microsoft! We are focused on the Microsoft Cloud and their Backend infrastructure. We add value to new and existing products and services by integrating cutting-edge solutions. Our highly skilled and certified software developer team can help you digitalize your business at the highest level of technology.



We are highly passionate about digital solutions and technological innovations. }exghts vision is to help the clients digitalize their business. We love coding and creative marketing. We are the one-stop-shop for automation and digital transformation. If you started the transformation, we make it successful!

About us

Our integrative approach is what makes us distinctive. Anything done more than twice has to be automated, in order to be efficient and more productive. Technology enables everything we do. It is a key part of our agile DNA.

Our team

We stand for excellence, top technology, innovation, creativity and, last but not least, the permanent development of each team member. We are convinced that, above all, our business is built around people’s talents and passion.

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