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Deliver cutting edge technologies out of the box.
Product development gets the value out of IT services.

Our employees are key resources. At }exghts, proven experts work together to achieve speed, results and added value for our clients in trusting and sustainable relationships. We qualify our employees in a self-developed training and academy approach. This allows us to ensure a wide depth and range of know-how and we can respond proactively to changing requirements through our training and qualification approaches.

Our goal is to reach the highest level of standardization in processes as well as organization and comprehensive individual compliance with the client requirements.

Our clients can choose from two types of qualified human resources: “experts on demand” and “reserved resources”

Experts on demand

– experts are made available in terms of quality and when the demand of software processes arises

Reserved resources

– clients can reserve software developers in advance to secure guaranteed access to qualified resources. Whenever they need them. So, the clients can book developer resources for three, six or 12 months in advance and retrieve them individually and flexibly. And more than that, reserved resources are idea accelerators and they can ensure competitive advantage

Need to kickstart your next project?

We craft digital, graphic and dimensional thinking, transformation and digitalization consulting.

We focus on architectural design: AI, DevOps, IoT, Data science, Analytics.

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