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Mihaela Grădinaru

Marketing & PR Specialist

Transform your passions and dreams into your daily job. This way, you will allways feel like holliday.

Mihaela has 17 years experience in journalism as a reporter, news editor and also as a photoreporter. Fine art photography and creative edit is her second job and passion. She was few times awarded in national and international photo competitions, had few photo exhibitions and worked as a graphic designer for various artists.

After all this time being always connected to social, economical, political and cultural life, she decided to use her experience and skills to help in creating a new start-up vision for }exghts.

She is our Creative Studio coordinator and marketing specialist. Her mission is to combine visual arts with storytelling in order to build a strong and unique brand image for }exghts customers. She strongly believes that information and image means power.

Interests: fashion design, embroidery, photography, travelling, blues&rock music, motobikes, old cars, writing stories for kids

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The power of storytelling and why it should be a priority in marketing campaigns.

How a fiction story like ”Dracula” became a country brand   Dracula is probably the most famous character in the horror universe, being not only the scariest monster ever, but also the most beloved one. A legend that put Romania and Transylvania on the map and became a country brand. And for that we must..

Been there. Seen that. Conquered IT. Microsoft Tech Day 2019

Microsoft Tech Day was not only about artificial intelligence (AI), app development and cyber security, it was also an amazing opportunity for the }exghts team to showcase our portfolio and tell our story – build the right .thing  Microsoft Tech Day reunites year by year important leaders of the hi-tech industry that bring into the..

Connect fast with people at a business event in the digital way with process automation

Power apps capabilities empower us to quick Explore. Connect. Learn at Microsoft Tech Day 2019 As a Silver Partner we proved we are creative and innovative team. So we are invited by Microsoft to show up our capabilities and solutions on their biggest event in Romania – Microsoft Tech Day. That’s why we thought of..

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