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Meet our Chatbot

We believe that the team is very important. So, each member deserves the best. From the very beginning. But, in most cases, the on-boarding and training flow get stuck when administrative processes get in the way. 

Our AI-powered chatbot, Sesame, is the perfect guide to new talents in their on-boarding and training process. It’s friendly and cute and a true golden treasure for any HR department. Through a mobile app, Sesame will guide, step by step, the new team member along the whole process.



Recharge is our leave request app that will help you have a perfect management of your employees’ time-off. It is easy to use, money and time savior and, above all, a great way to have everything under control. 

Recharge is a smart solution for B2B that tracks all leave records and balances. It is a clear and complex picture of how to manage your team requests for days off. It increases efficiency by automatically capturing the data and showing the status of your employees’ working map in real-time.



Automatically generates documents based on information extracted from an ID Card. For businesses that seek to digitalize document management, docQ is a mobile solution that enables data extraction from identity documents and quickly inserts everything into a custom template. Unlike manually filling the forms, docQ app automatically generates documents and sends them to your inbox or printer in seconds.

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