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Recharge app

Recharge is our leave request app that will help you have a perfect management of your employees’ time-off. It is easy to use, a money and time saviour and, above all, a great way to have everything under control. 

Recharge is a smart solution for B2B that tracks all leave records and balances. It is a clear and complex picture of how to manage your team requests for days off. It increases efficiency by automatically capturing the data and showing the status of your employees’ working map in real-time. 

Recharge enables instant, actionable insights into your employees’ leave requests, thus simplifying HR processes. By automating HR procedures, Recharge eliminates human errors, increases transparency and people satisfaction, while reducing costs and increasing productivity. It also replaces paperwork with accurate data that is automatically digitalized and GDPRcompliant.  

Our solution also levels up the customer experience, by improving waiting time and being friendly and easy to use.

How it works? 

The solution is based on Office 365 platform and is also integrated in SharePoint and Microsoft Automate.

Recharge supports users to request leave requests in your organization. With the app you can enable employees to create and submit leave requests quickly and flexibly, using their desktop or tablet device. The app lets users track the status of their requests and view their current leave entitlements. The Recharge app can be used for paid sick leave, PTO, vacation paid leave, planned medical leave to treat a health condition, compensatory time.

The app covers all of the information that an employee is required to submit when requesting leave. Once the request for leave has been filled out, the employee signature can be electronically gathered, and the form is submitted to the employee for processing.

Why you need Recharge

  • People are the company’s most valuable asset. Today’s communication is digital. Invest in a platform that prioritizes your people and purpose.
  • Reach the front-line – With Recharge you can integrate and communicate with all employees easily and quickly.
  • No training needed – The app is developed with an intuitive design.
  • People first – the employees always have the information they need at their fingertips.

Key features:

  • Configure all the system data, easily import your employees and control vacations balances and official holidays.
  • Monitor your employees’ vacations using a consolidated view and get notified when you got a vacation request.
  • Recharge app allows employees to request time off and HR or the Manager to approve or deny it.
  • Gain Instant, Actionable Insights – access to data real time.
  • Managers can more easily make approvals and track all leave records and balances for all employees.
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