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Sergiu Mihalcea

Software Developer

You are the Universe experiencing itself.

Sergiu is a front-end software developer with 7 years experience in C# and Silverlight. He worked for two big IT giants where he developed medical apps, using Silverlight/C#, that were sold worldwide with great impact in the daily life of doctors and patients. He also developed mobile apps for National Post Office of Austria, using Xamarin/C#.

Now, at }exghts, Sergiu is using his experience as a software developer to build and deliver modern applications based on the latest cutting edge technologies.  His dream is to become an expert in Microsoft technologies landscape and cloud services.

He loves learning things about software technologies, philosophy and human mind.

Interests: Sergiu is a great breakdancer with 15 years experience on stages in Romania and Europe. He loves to be a DJ and is also passionate about a new art called Calligraffiti. Travelling is on the list of his interests, as well.

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.net or PowerPlatform?

A lot of customers of all levels have asked me:  “Why you have a team focused on Power Platform? Isn´t it better to build on .NET? You have the knowledge.” Background: }exghts is one of the leading software development companies building solutions based on the Microsoft ecosystem ready to be deployed on-premise or on the..

docQ: Smart solution for automating document flows in a company

When we ask a company how many printed forms exist in an HR or Economic department, the answer will certainly be “too many”. Bureaucracy is not a “reserved” issue only for large companies or state-of-the-country businesses, but it also impacts small businesses and start-ups, because it is a great time-consuming resource that does not ultimately bring any..

Is AI development available only to highly skilled software developers? Not anymore!

Do you feel overwhelmed by your clients’ and employees’ requests? Do you wish you had the resources to pay a hot-shot AI specialist to help you build one of those uber-friendly chatbots, that help you tremendously increase customer satisfaction and create a more articulate customer journey inside your brand?   Worry not anymore! We are here..

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