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“By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency”

– Gartner –

“What can´t be measured, can´t be managed”

We put //data at the center of our partners business to gain insights – the foundation of decisions.

Business Consultancy

Are you ready for the digital Tsunami?

The Fifth Industrial Revolution is in front of us. The digitalization leads to an ever-faster pace of change.

Exactly here comes the value of }exghts. We help our partners to transform the pace of the digitalization into a competitive advantage rather a competitive challenge.

Our experts are focused on strategic consulting, delivering fast results with lean IT implementation.

We do not waste time, delivery in waves enables our partners to build the solutions with us in a co-creation process. To ensure the adoption our concepts are based on the Microsoft eco-system implemented in a corporate brand }experience.

Data Strategy

Processes Automation

Custom Development


}exghts supports you end to end

From low-code to custom development. From DevOps Agility Framework to Teams.

From }experience to Branding. From Dashboards to insights.

Our experts build the right Architecture help our partners succeed.

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