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Short Story

Time is precious, right?

We believe that the team is very important. So, each member deserves the best. From the very beginning. But, in most cases, the on-boarding and training flow get stuck when administrative processes get in the way. Our AI-powered chatbot, Sesame, is the perfect guide to new talents in their on-boarding and training process. It’s friendly and cute and a true golden treasure for any HR department. Through a mobile app, Sesame will guide, step by step, the new team member along the whole process.

Well, Sesame is a time saviour! And it will make everybody’s life easier. 

The new colleague will find out where to go to pick up his devices, where is his new office, where to find his mentor and his new team and… where he can have a great coffee. 

Why Sesame? 

HR department can simply upload into chatbot useful and engaging materials – company history, brand manual, documents, photos, videos, graphs or charts – that can be a great guide for every new colleague. A video message from the CEO would be a perfect choice to make new talents feel welcome into the team. 

More than that, Sesame helps HR department keep track on all new members and their progress, so that nobody will be left behind. It is also a cool reminder when it comes about upcoming events or deadlines. 

Does your business need a smart and friendly solution for on-boarding? You can test our chatbot and learn more about Sesame and how it could change your business life.

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