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Software Developer

Hero Level

Here are some of the things you will do in your role

  • You will be helping us build the services or solutions we have in mind, covering one or more of the following areas: .NET software development, solutions based on Azure Services, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, DevOps, PowerApps
  • You will collaborate with diverse roles (technical and non-technical) in order to deliver end-to-end solutions or support our clients on their journeys
  • You will be helping }exghts to grow, by supporting your colleagues to develop themselves and by identifying new ideas, new services and solution we could deliver

What are we specifically looking for?

  • You have a solid software development experience, know-how, passion
  • Deep understanding about at least one of the topics of .NET, DevOps or AI
  • Passion for technology and especially for technology as a drive for innovation
  • High capacity for learning, changing and adapting as the company will grow and transform itself

About our Engineering Department

  • We build services and software products on top of modern stacks and cutting edge technologies. We are committed to never built something that exists already and to automate everything that we do more than twice.
  • We are very learning oriented. We value more the passion for learning than experience and expertise.
  • We love flow. We don’t (need to) follow rigid Scrum or Kanban but we do work in an agile, iterative way. We want to deliver multiple times a day and to continuously improve the way we are doing things.
  • We value both collaboration and autonomy and trust the people we work with to self-manage.

Apply now

E-mail: info@exghts.com

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