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Short Story

Time is precious, right?

  Targo is the new virtual sales manager. It is revolutionary because it changes the way chatbots work from being reactive to proactive.

Tired of operational tasks? Do you want to focus on adding value to your business?

In a sales process, Targo reduces even 10% of a salesperson’s working time, and 40% of a sales manager’s working time. It connects directly through Teams with the salesperson and based on his answers, updates the system in real time with the current situation of his open deals.

No more pipeline calls!

Through the mobile version, the discussion with Targo can take place from the car or from home. Thus, we can have updated reports at any time of the day, without waiting for the Pipeline meeting or for each salesperson to update the system! Over time, with the help of artificial intelligence, he can identify patterns and create accurate forecasts.

No more reporting!

Based on interaction with users Targo generates productivity reports or alerts that are delivered by email to the sales manager. Targo aggregates data and sends standard reports. Reporting is done immediately, at any management level and with zero error.

With Targo the possibilities are limitless!

Why Targo? 

  • Targo overtakes operational functions from managers by acting fully autonomous based on data!
  • Plans pipeline calls
  • Executes pipeline calls
  • Summarize pipeline calls
  • Fully integrated in Teams and the Microsoft Eco-System (rights management, Active Directory etc.)
  • 0 error
  • Dynamically contacts people with green status
  • If after 2 tries, the person does not act, a pipeline meeting is created
  • If the meeting is rejected a notification is sent to the Sales Manager
  • Targo updates the backend systems in behalf of the Sales (or other roles)
  • Targo works with all backend systems having an API (Salesforce, Dynamics, SAP, etc.)
  •  Sends sales performance reports to sales representatives
  •  Send productivity reports to managers
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